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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Can't Help That I Know It

Kaden (Brien's sister's baby) was born yesterday! Rachel was tired of being pregnant and I'll bet she's really happy he's finally out. I was there when they brought him to the well-baby nursery (since I knew she was having a c-section and the baby would be there). He's adorable.

I noticed the nurses were watching his breathing carefully. His little chest looked like it was going in and out a bit. There were, in my humble-I-am-not-a-doctor opinion, sure signs that he might need a little oxygen. I told his grandma my suspicion. I also told her she shouldn't worry, because it was a minor thing and easily overcome.

Sure enough, sometime after we left, he ended up in the NICU for breathing.

I know so much more about babies and delivery than I ever wanted to know. I like to be prepared, so I read alot. I've also experienced an insane number of pregnancy complications in my three pregnancies, so I know about lots of complications of pregnancy and signs to watch for. I write on a great message board, so I get to see lots of situations and gather lots of information. I remember everything I read, so that helps. I swear, I don't even think it would be that hard to be an OB, except for the cutting/coordination part.

But, sometimes, I wish I was just blissfully ignorant.


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Frog said...

That's common in boys born via caesarean. I'm sure he'll be out in no time! How exciting - a new baby!