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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We Closed A Lane Of The Interstate

I thought I was being so responsible yesterday. I got up early and went to a coffee shop and worked. I worked out at Strollerfit. I returned phone calls. I taught Ander to use sidewalk chalk (a big hit) while I cut the grass. (Good thing I have a small yard and a child who is slightly nervous about coming near a lawn mower, but it looked like rain and really needed cutting, so I did it at lunch time.) I followed my doctor's directions about no white foods and ate healthy. I went to the office, and worked really hard all afternoon. I brought home the single biggest paycheck since I've opened my business. I picked my child up (okay, ten minutes late...maybe that's when things started to drag along).

I ended up visiting at my mom's for a few minutes, because Grandmother was there. Then I started driving home. I tried to call Michelle. I tried to call Stac. My phone wouldn't dial out. Hmm. I was almost to my interstate exit when my cell rang. Alan calling. We were going to Bren's baseball game, but by now it was raining, so he ought to be calling to see if we were canceling. But I got the feeling that wasn't why he was calling.

In the rain, in rush hour traffic, our Escort broke down on the side of the road. We think it's the alternator.

We had planned to get an SUV for Alan to drive in three or four months. My car should be paid off (or should've been, if we didn't have to repair the Escort) in two months or so, plus we wanted to save up for a down payment for a couple of months. Now, we have the money in savings, but that's our emergency fund. Sigh.

I tried to call E. After all, I can't bring Ander to sit on the inside of the interstate near the Essen exit in the pouring rain. But my cell phone wouldn't call out. I would have just driven to their house, but on a whim I called my sister who lives on Essen (but is usually at work, which is why I didn't call her first) and the phoen rang! She answered.

She was at a gas station, at a pay phone, trying to call my other sister, because her phone would only call Sprint to Sprint. Guess mine would only call that way too. We traded cars, I ran in the gas station and bought Ander two donuts and Kool-aid for dinner (we were in a rush and he was sleeping but would wake up hungry and my sisters were meeting to pick up and move furniture).

Then the side of the road waiting commenced.

Hopefully, we will know today if the car is even worth salvaging. If it is, we will start picking out another vehicle, so we can replace it soon. If not, we will have it towed away and will ask my MIL to borrow her spare vehicle, just for a couple months, while we pick out a vehicle.

In the past, we always picked a vehicle in despairation and quickly, after another vehicle had died. Hopefully, by borrowing a vehicle, we will give ourselves time to actually pick Alan a vehicle out. Alan will have to rent a car and drive to Leesville to pick up the extra vehicle, so I guess I won't see him one weekend day soon.

Ander spent the night at my mom's house (one of my sister's drove him there), because I have early court and Hammond and have to drive Alan to work first, so that saved me an hour on the road.



Mamaebeth said...

i tried to call you yesterday afternoon, but my phone was on the fritz too.

Frog said...

When picking out an SUV keep in mind gas mileage. We don't get the best gas mileage, but I do LOVE my SUV.

Anonymous said...

If it's anything to ya...Bren's game was cancelled anyway.

Sammy Jankis said...

Yeah, we'll be looking at SMALL SUVs.

Frog said...

another recommendation, Onstar and Satellite radio!!! Onstar for when you are stranded on side of road and I just LOVE Satellite radio!

Rachel said...

Man, that's too bad. At least it was the older car that died...