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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Impromptu Night Out

Last night, we tried to go to Bren's game. Cancelled due to weather, I guess. Then we went with two of my sisters to the cancer walk in Ascension. I saw a client, met a new lawyer, saw a couple of friends from Strollerfit, and had the tastiest curly q fries ever. Plus, all the money we spent (which admittedly wasn't much) went to charity. It was good to get out.

Then we went to the outlet mall and picked out a gift for Sasha. We were very excited about shopping for girl clothes.

We learned that stores don't know how to dress little girls any better than little boys. Sigh.

Speaking of weather, lightening hit and burned down one of my sister Wendy's neighbors houses. :(


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Frog said...

Ahh, that's so sad about your sister's neighbor!!