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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Six Favorite People

Last night, I was complaining to Alan that as jammed-packed as my schedule happens to be, it doesn't involve the one thing I really want - to sit at a table with my six favorite people, eat a leisurely and delicious meal, and follow-up with a late night of coffee and gossip swapping.

Alan {cough - smart butt - cough} asked who my six favorite people that I want to have this dinner with happen to be.

I thought for a moment, and replied that I guess I don't actually want my six favorites. Instead, I want some of my favorite people, and some that don't make the top six, like Trip, because you need a foil to keep things interesting.

Aside for Trip: It's not like you aren't on the list - just not in the top six. I know that makes you cry like a little girl, but if it helps soothe your bruised ego, you likely rank in my hubby's top three (hopefully, but not certainly, behind my son and me). ;)



Frog said...

Dinner with friends! Fun!

Mamaebeth said...

you tease...

who are your six favorite people?

or to keep it more pleasant, who are the 6 people you want at dinner? you don't need to mention who are the foils and who are the favorites... :)