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Monday, May 28, 2007

Expanding My Social Circle

I'm really trying to expand my social circle. There are people that I'm friends with, and I even see occassionally, but I don't really "do" things with. Some are from law school. Others are moms with kids around Ander's age. Some I know through other friends, but rarely see anywhere but at the other friend's house. I'm going to start calling and e-mailing these people, and setting up visits. Coffee, pot lucks, dinner out - just depending on who I am calling and what fits. I just feel the need to be more social.

Alan would tell you that we socialize too much. :) But it's always with the same people. And I like those people (many of whom are loyal readers ;)), but I see the same people all the time.

So a challenge for my readers. Think of someone you know, and like, but what to know better. And invite them out somewhere. It's will be well worth it in the end, I think. :/



Frog said...

We did that this weekend. We have a couple that we don't do much with. We invited them over yesterday and they visited. It was nice!

Lonely Coyote said...

Friends are over-rated. *laughs*