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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ander Health Update

After Ander threw up twice yesterday and continued his never-ending coughing, wheezing, no sleeping, runny nosing streak, we went to the doctor. They say he probably has allergies. There is no definitive test for kids under 2, but he is now on allergy meds. Also, he got a steriod for his cough. And, ta-dum, he has been officially diagnosed with asthma. He now gets breathing treatments.

Also, we asked about his walking (or lack thereof). His left leg, and sometimes his right, are pretty turned out when he does walk, so we are seeing a pediatric orthropedist about it. :(

And mommy got very little work done today, and nothing billable, because seeing the doctor, renting the breathing machine, filling the meds at the pharmacy, and taking care of a whiney kid took all I had in time and energy.



Frog said...

Ahh, that really sucks!! You might want to see about buying the breathing machine. The one we have to use was only $50 and our insurance would have cost us $125. Luckily for us, the pharmacy we dealt with said the most they would charge was $50 even if the insurance company said charge more!

Hope things get better!!

Mathochist said...

I hope the meds and breathing treatments help! I am starting to suspect Sammy has asthma too. He definitely has allergies - we had to get him pricked in the back a bazillion times when he broke out in a rash a year ago after eating PB crackers. And also verified the milk allergy I suspected, and discovered the egg allergy. I hope you don't have to go through that test with Ander! You might also try cutting milk and wheat out of his diet and see if that helps his symptoms. (I know it's a big deal to do that, but they are a lot more common allergens than most people realize.)