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Friday, April 13, 2007

Playing Nice

I get so worked up over little things that I often don't "play nice." I mean to, but I get enthusiastic and overwhlemed, and I get snappy and mean. I'm fairly bright and quick on my feet in an argument, which results in arguments even when I don't (sooo totally don't) want to be in them.

So I'm trying. To stay clam. Not argue with people unless the argument is truly worth it. I'm trying to play nice.

Still, I get all gong ho and start ranting. :( Today I had to control myself three times - with a person I've met maybe three times (who I actually really, really like, but she said something derogatory about a business that I think is a good business - not the law, by the way), with a store clerk (who gave me exactly what I wanted - a shoe refund - but seemed to disbelieve my hives story that happened to be true), and with another attorney (one I respect a whole lot but who depends too much on his secretary). I am so picky. Sigh.

Ander took a step (count 'em - one) at Strollerfit, so the ladies believe that he walks. :)


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