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Friday, April 27, 2007

Our Playgroup

Ander and I go to a playgroup about twice a month. The playgroup also does a mom's night out once a month. I really like it. It's really great for Ander to get outside and play, meet other babies, and learn to play with all ages. And mom's night out...well, what can I say? It's great.

But who has time for this. I'm constantly rushing around to get ready. He ALWAYS takes off his shoes on the way there and hides them from me in the car. There is often sand, and sand makes a mess on the way home. And pooping...he ALWAYS poops during playgroup. No matter what he eats or doesn't eat and no matter what time it occurs.


But playgroup is fun. Everyone should try to get a playgroup!



Mathochist said...

I know poops outside the house are frustrating, but... if he poops during playgroup, then he is obviously comfortable/relaxed there! That is a good thing!

Janelle smells said...

Ava always waits till after daycare to poop on the way home. EWWWW... I wish she would do a nice one for the daycare just once in awhile HEHEHE