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Monday, April 23, 2007

Baby Amodium

Yep, it exists. And considering that pre-amodium, I changed five diapers this morning, and after seeing the doctor and getting the meds, I changed only two, I am very happy with the secret stuff.

Ander was sick, so I had to take the day off. Nonetheless, I managed to get lots of work done (at coffee shops) and bill a lot of hours (more than I usually do at the office), so it worked out. I am exhausted, and I have a trial tomorrow, but things got done.

Speaking of secret stuff...Alan and I have decided that there is a private parent club that we are for some reason not allowed to join. It's the club of people who instinctly know where the bathrooms with good changing tables are in stores. The people who know what to dress the child in for each occassion - parks, zoos, and churches, all with their unascertainable dress codes. The people who know how to install a car seat, without the help of a firefighter. The people in the secret club that we are not allowed to join.

If you know the password, I'd love to hear it.

Ander was entertaining some grandparents while I worked at Coffee Call, and one saw me signing and asked if he knew sign. I said, "he knows some words" and asked Ander to say "please" for the duck. Ander signed please on command! There is nothing like the (elusive and rare) cooperation of a child.



Mamaebeth said...

i don't know about a secret club... for changing tables i just try to rememeber, for clothes pack an extra outfit for alternative weather, and have the firefigher show you how to install the car seat so that you can do it yourself the next time.

having said all that, my son went swimming sunday in the most mismatched swim outfit ever. his swim shirt was green and blue, his shorts were LSU, and his shoes were red with tractors...

Mamaebeth said...

oh and i think it is Imodium.

Miss-buggy said...

I would like to know that password too! I still get the car seat double checked after I install them. Even the people I install them for I get them to take them in to check just to be sure.
What a fluke! Him signing please. Cooper still hasn't gotten that one yet. Has mastered more though....I think.....Still refuses to sign milk though. Although if it is what he wants and I sign it he will smile at me and get all excited. Good job on the signing thing!

Janelle smells said...

I'm not invited either Natch. HAHA

Frog said...

I kind of think I know many of those things. Maybe not all, but I'm very good at most of that. The other day we went to eat and there was no chaning table and the bathroom was VERY small... So I make the best of it... put the toilet seat down and put the changing pad on there and away we go. I've done it on the floor and we get away with it all. The worse was when he had an explosive diaper at the race track. We went with some friends. Well, it was everywhere!! All over clothes, got all over his hair. Horrible... well, a girlfriend was there but didn't come to the bathroom. When I left the bathroom after about 15 minutes, all I could say was "next time I'm in the bathroom that long, someone come check on me!!"