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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Rhythm of the Weekly Plan

Do you find that you plan less or more poorly later in the week?

For example, on Monday, you have a detailed task list and a specific, hourly schedule.

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By Friday? You are barely even using your planner!

If this sounds familiar to you, consider changing things up a bit.

*Plan to do really important stuff on Monday or Tuesday.

*Make your Friday schedule in advance, on Wednesday or Thursday.

*Dedicate to always writing it down, even on Fridays.

*Bring your planner everywhere with you.


*Remember that you can always start over on Monday.

You don't need to be a perfect person to make your planner work for you.

If it only works Monday through Wednesday, but you get lots done during that first half of the week, then your planner is working.

If this speaks to you, please consider sharing with someone who needs the encouragement to use their planner, even if they use it imperfectly.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, I needed that chuckle. Mondays always look good because we usually map it out on Sunday when we're home relaxing, but when it's mid-week and things are hopping, sticky notes become my best friend because they're easier to grab than to reach in my bag for my planner. But I do make it a priority to transfer anything from the sticky (unless it's a disposable list)so that it has a permanent home :)

Cori said...

Mine is usually:
Monday: all nice and neat
Tuesday & Wednesday: just a repeat of stuff that didn't get done on Monday.
Thursday: try to get 3 days worth of stuff done in 1 day.
Friday: work stuff in planner page
Friday-Sunday: personal stuff all goes on 1 long list in my To Do's section, and is titled The Weekend List.

Carla said...

I TRY not to schedule any regular tasks over the weekend. The S.O. works long hours during the week, so weekends are 'our' time. Serious planning happens Monday morning after he leaves for the day and over my 2nd cup of coffee. Mondays tend to be very busy, then scale back as the week progresses. Fridays are ME days. That's the plan. Life tends to creep in though.

Jaime Barfield said...

My weekends are usually my no plan days so I try to stick to planner mon-fri

Mary Wimbley said...

This sounds a lot like me. lol I am still struggling with the planner habit, but I have managed to at least get it out and set it on my desk when I'm at work. Sometimes I even open it. lol Seriously, though, I'm working on making the routine stick. Right now it's kind of like a Post-It note that's lost part of its stickiness. But as long as I press down hard, it manages to stay for a day or two. lol

Anna said...

I know how it is to start the week with good intentions that slide by the end of the week! Other than homeschool, I tend to have fewer time specific things during the week, so often I stick to a more weekly plan. My school schedule may end up a mess, but I keep that in a separate place, so it doesn't affect my planner too much. :) Then the days in my planner usually just get the things that really need to happen that day, and the other things are on the weekly plan. I have realized that I am likely to get more things done at the beginning of the week, and let things slide more as the week goes on. Some weeks, it is because of things outside my control- things that pop up unexpectedly that require a big chunk of time, or an illness that keeps me out of commission.
I do try to leave my weekends as free as I can, especially Sunday. I do so much better with a fresh start for the week. :)