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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to Cope with the Harsh Realities of Life

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This is my favorite picture of me that has ever been taken.

No, it's not because I am hiding from the camera. I'm actually not.

I was caught dancing!

I was at my 20-year high school reunion, at the best residential high school in the world. I was surrounded by friends and my kids were at the grandparents' house for the ENTIRE WEEKEND.

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Photo Credit: Sean Farley

After the reunion, I returned to the harsh realities of real life.

These people who live with me expect me to wake up at 6 a.m. And they expect it every single day. Then, they want breakfast! Hmmph!

(To be fair, "these people" are 7 and 9 years old, plus a 40-something year old who is busily getting ready for his office job. The 40-something dude who lives with me shares warm kisses, does laundry, and agrees with me that "these people's" expectations are out of control!)

I cope with coffee in giant mugs.

While they are at school, my mornings are spent running errands. I grocery shop, deliver forms to doctor's offices, and drop items at Goodwill. I run, then wait, then run some more, trying to get everything done quickly.

I cope with a great bag for carrying all my errand items.

Next comes lunch. Unless it's a rare non-errand day, I eat on the run. That requires a lunch tote that, let's face it, is cool enough to keep satsumas fresh and to stop chocolate from melting in Louisiana's heat. 

I carry a smallish day planner to all these appointments with me. I recommend a Franklin Compact or a Filofax personal-sized. They are large enough to have lots of planning space but small enough to fit in my handbag.

I usually work during the remainder of the morning and during/after lunch. For that, I have my Surface Pro 3 .

Next, I workout. I like to take Barre Blend class at the local YMCA, so I wear toe socks. Some of my classmates go in bare feet. NOT A CHANCE.
Finally, I pick up my kiddos and supervise homework and chores.

A better person than me might eat a healthy snack. I prefer fermented grapes.

I make a healthy supper (because, you know, ALL that chocolate), usually in my cast iron grill pan.

Finally, the kids go to sleep, while I read a great book.

Usually, this happens for way too long and I barely get to sleep in time to wake up for 6 a.m.

Sleep, or the lack thereof, is probably the harshest reality of adulting!

What are your crutches that get you through? Candy? Wine*? Being organized?

*Note: Wine is used in reasonable amounts. I never rarely pour it into the giant coffee cups.


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Jaime Barfield said...

Unfortunately I cope with two different things, both distructive. This would be candy and shopping. I have slowly gotten in the habit of reading like i used to (hence the book reviews on my blog) and that helps. problem is even teenagers react when mom is caught with a book (mom help me with this, mom i have a question about that.) they bypass their father and come straight to me. it must be nice to be a man and live in a world of non existence lol. Reading after they go to bed is usually not an option because teens go to bed later. by the time they are in bed, I'm about to fall over. It's a work in progress.

Unknown said...

I've had those sea salt caramel chocolates and they are DANGEROUS! Amazingly hard to not eat the entire bag in one sitting.

Many mornings I empty the dishwasher and find my coffee cup sitting next to my wine glass. They are my buddies. ;)

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Ahhhh this is great, I love it. :) So funny! And I heartily approve of your coping methods, including the big cups and fermented grapes. But I'm glad to hear you RARELY serve it to yourself in the aforementioned cups. ;P

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hmmmmm you recommend outlander, yes? I keep hearing about this series... need to check it out! ;)

Leanne said...

I do love a little bit of Outlander - Jamie is the ultimate hero figure and Claire is pretty darn fine in her own right!

Shannon @ Of The Hearth said...

Coffee is essential in the morning! I sometimes use chocolate to help me cope, but for the most part I try to stick to healthier coping strategies. I do try to stay organized, as this truly does help!

Unknown said...

Chocolate, and all matter of things one should not eat often, really. Because, you know, it's easy xD Beyond that, when things are really just too much (or there's any beyond manageable amount of pain involved), a bed or couch day. Sometimes that's all that can be done, and I've given up trying to fight it.

Tessa said...

Just needed to say thanks to you for using the strikeout properly and the end of your post. A pet peeve of mine (that I never point out to bloggers because that would be rude and annoying) so, since you've actually struck out the correct word, thanks must be given.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Such a cute post! Remember to always take a little time for yourself. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty