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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Using the Four Quadrants in Your Daily Plan

The Four Quadrants are something that I learned a long time ago from Stephen Covey's writings.

Basically, the most Important and most Urgent tasks go in the upper left hand corner of the four squares and the least Important and least Urgent go in the lower right hand corner.

Many productivity scholars suggest that people drop the nonurgent, unimportant items from your life.

I don't disagree!

But I use the quadrants a bit differently than others. I use my quadrants for building my daily docket.

For me, anything Urgent is a Must Do (in the right column). The top things need to be done first, of course, since they are truly important. Anything Nonurgent is a Should Do (in the right column). I don't put more on my daily docket than I actually plan to do, so I don't drop anything unless I unexpectedly run out of time!

Examples of my tasks:

URGENT & IMPORTANT = Email school about kids' medicals

URGENT & NOT IMPORTANT = Dye my hair (urgent, trust me!)

NONURGENT & IMPORTANT = Turn in an article (before deadline, so not urgent)

NONURGENT & NOT IMPORTANT (but worthy of my list) = Cleaning

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2 comments: said...

I've read a lot about the four quadrants and I understand them in principle. But my ADHD mind can't make them a reality. One of the biggest issues with ADHD is prioritizing. Everything seems equally important. I can sit down and know that I have to pay a bill on a certain day or make dinner - but figuring out which quadrant or assign them an ABC or 123 is extremely stressful. I have a friend who's fantastic at organizing and I had her try to explain it to me but I just couldn't get it. I do prioritize - but I have to do it my way. It probably ends up the same as the quadrants but the quadrant terminology doesn't mesh with my brain.

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