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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Using One Note: Cut and Paste Versus Print to File

I love having Microsoft One Note on my Surface Pro 3, but for a long time, I was clicking on the top button of the One Note screen, cutting out a portion of my screen, and copying into One Note.

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That trick is AMAZING for capturing a bit of information, a portion of a picture, a coloring page, or anything smaller than or equal to a screen shot. If I need a printable for my planner, I can create it, customize it, and print it from One Note!

But for bigger pieces of information, like a court ruling from Westlaw or a long article from a newspaper, there is a better way to capture the information to One Note.

Simply "print" it (like you would any other website) and choose One Note as your printer!

The pages will print (as one One Note page if you mess with your One Note settings) and list the website link in the bottom left hand corner of each page of the printout, just like it does in your printer.

That way, you can read, highlight, and take notes, right there on the document, just as if you had used an ink printer.



~ Mari said...

i fell in love with onenote some time ago ~ i have 2010, and my laptop updated me to office online 2015 just this last week. i'm a writer, and i always need something to write with or write on. when i first started using onenote, i moved as many of my writing notes into the system that i could. over time, i was able to finagle stuff around and put everything but picture files in there ~ i've found it just doesn't work well as a picture album; ymmv. between the built-in windows snipping tool and the snip to onenote feature, i've got it made! kinda. LOL it sure has simplified things, that's for sure.

Mary Wimbley said...

Same here, Mari! I love OneNote. My best friend and I are writing a series together, and I'm the "official notekeeper," so OneNote has been a lifesaver for me! :)

As for "printing" to OneNote, I've never actually tried that, but I think I will now. I like the idea of making planner pages with it! :)