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Monday, May 25, 2015

To Do to Done: 4 Ways to Mark Completed Tasks

Checking off a completed task is not the only satisfying way to mark tasks as done.


Of course, checking off a task brings it's own satisfaction. But it does not make an easy-to-read visual tracking of what still needs doing.

*Single Line

I sometimes use a single line to scratch through a completed task. The advantage of this tactic is that I can still read what tasks I have accomplished.

*Squiggle Line

A messy squiggle makes it easy to see what is left to be done, but leaves things, well, messy! And it's hard to read what you accomplished.


A highlighted completed task is my favorite way to mark my to dos as done. It's easy to read what you accomplished and easy to see what is left.

The major disadvantage? Carrying around a pen and a highlighter!

How do you mark completed tasks?


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Jennifer Faber said...

When I plan, I put a box in front for my own things and a circle for some one else I keep track of. When either gets completed I simply fill in (color) the circle or box with my pencil or pen. It's visually pleasing and easy to view what was accomplished and what needs to be acted upon.

muzsi said...

since I saw by you the highlighter, only that. I never thought on it before! but it is more clear, what is done and left.
I use maybe 20 pens, so no extra pain :)

Heather said...

I use a highlighter to mark off my completed tasks. For me its easier to see whats been completed and what needs to be done, at a quick glance of my weekly and daily list. If I just cross out a completed task, the perfectionist in me gets frustrated when the line isn't completed straight or right length. Highlighters are just easier :) I've gotten used to carrying a small Paper Mate highlighter in my purse or inside my planner all the time.

Inner Prop said...

I check off boxes when I've completed a task and cross them out when they've been canceled.

After all this time my instinct is that highlighted items are highlights and meant to draw my attention. I'm very particular about highlighting and have a 4 to 6 color system.

I think highlighting tasks when they are done would be counterproductive for me.

Actually, you have given me a very good idea: to color code highlight tasks based on context (for those GTDers out there) or some other key like priority, tools needed (computer, phone etc.), collaboration, etc.

Jaime Barfield said...

I have always alternated between single line mark out and a check mark. Depends on what all is on my to do list for the day.

Shadow Wolf said...

I use a highlighter, but for some reason I have to have a checkbox in front of the task, even though I don't write in it. I think it just tells my brain at the merest glance that it's a 'task' and to do it, otherwise it just looks like a note, if that makes sense.

Cathleen said...

I draw (or stamp) a little box in front of the task. When it's done, I fill in the box. If I've started the task but haven't finished it that day, I draw a diagonal line in the square and color it in (so it's a triangle filled inside the square box).

I'm so used to using highlighters to draw attention to text, that I highlight tasks that I didn't get to. That way they won't fall between the cracks during the week. I almost always think I can get more done during one day than I actually can. So, the highlighted tasks also help me be a little more realistic about what I can actually finish in a day. When I see a bunch of highlighted tasks, then I know I need to revise/rethink my daily "to do" list.

titancia said...

I prefer a checkmark. Highlighting draws attention to something important, so I can't use it to mark something done.

Mary Wimbley said...

I'm guilty of overkill--I use both a line AND a checkmark. Also, I tend to place the checkmark after the item rather than before, unless the box or circle happens to be preprinted. If it's an appointment that gets canceled or something I've decided to delete from my to-do list, I draw a line, then place an X after it.

I'm like the others here who say highlighting draws attention to something important or something that hasn't been done yet. I would so confuse myself if I tried to use a highlighter to mark off things as "done." However, I also agree that you have to do what works for you! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a 'checker', but they have pens which have highlighters built into the other end for convenience. Oh...loving reading all your old posts. This may take a few hours!