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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Erasermate Pens and the Many Ways They Suck

My weekly technology feature is a little unusual today. It's about a practically ancient technology - ink pens.

Frixion pens (featured on this blog over and over and over again) are my favorite pens. I need something erasable. In fact, I used pencil in my planners for years. But Pilot Frixion pens go beyond erasable.

They are bright, write smoothly, and come in many colors and highlighters.

So why try Papermate Erasermate pens?

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Well, they are cheap. As pens go, they are dirt cheap. My husband is a fiscal analyst, y'all. He has every penny we spend on a spreadsheet.

Also, I thought I'd take one for the team. Planner world, I did this for you.

It sucked.

The look? Well, see the picture above. I had to retrace my writing sometimes even to see it at all. There are spots where no ink hit the page at all, regardless of pressure. 

The feel of the pen on the paper is jerky. There is no cool scratchy sensation. Instead, the pen seems to get caught even on the softest paper (like my Quo Vadis pages).

Erasermate pens only come in basic colors. I tried the blue, and it is dull and harsh, all at once. (Yes, that seems impossible. But it seems impossible that I would use the word "suck" in a title on my blog. However, I am a truth-teller, and suck is the truth.)

Frixion pens are completely worth the slightly higher (but still reasonable) price.

I thought about given the Erasermates to my kid, but that seems cruel, doesn't it?


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KariP said...

Tried those; yes, they suck. Absolutely blessed the day I discovered Frixion pens. Now almost nothing else touches my planner. The highlighters, no bleed through. :) Switched from Bic,that not just bled, but soaked through even my thick KS inserts.

~ Mari said...

I see EraserMate hasn't changed at all since I was like in 4th grade or so (seem to remember that's when they came out). Incredible.

I've noted a LOT of planners recommend the Frixion pens. I'm going to have to take a look. :)

Unknown said...

Just got my first set of Frixion pens. Tried the Erasermates when they first came out. Hard to believe they've never gotten better. I love the Frixion pens!

Mary Wimbley said...

I first heard of Frixion pens via YouTube. I bought a pack of 3 at Walmart--red, blue, and black--for around $5. I love them so much, I bought another set just a few weeks later, just so I wouldn't be caught off guard if one of them ran out of ink!

I not only use them in my planner (and refuse to use any other kind of pen in it from now on!), but also for revising hard copies of anything I write. No more messy white-out! :D

As soon as I can, I'm going to invest in more colors--green, purple, teal, and of course my favorite, pink! I also plan to get some highlighters. Whoever invented Frixion is a frixin' genius! lol

Unknown said...

YES,yes I felt exactly the same. I remember having the Erasermate pens first before Frixion were on the market. I was happy at first because they were the first pens that could be erased here in Germany. I hated the marks they left on the paper and on my fingers. My colours were blue black and the last one was orange. I love my Frixion pens in all colours 05 size. But I am having trouble with them now and again. They don't always write if you haven't used them in weeks. Any suggestions?

Giftie Etcetera said...

Susan, I haven't had that problem and I buy them in bulk and wait months to use them. I order from Amazon through Japan, usually. Maybe it's your supplier?

Also, they are heat sensitive. Store them in a cool place. That might help.

Kimmie said...

I remember when erasermates came out (I was probably in elementary school). They sucked then! You'd think they'd find a fix over 35 years!!!

Jaime Barfield said...

I have never cared for those types of pens. I cannot stand ones that I have to write the same word three or four times before it becomes readable. It is messy and irritating.