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Sunday, February 1, 2015

How to Fall in Love with Your Planner

All month, on Sundays, I plan to look back at a popular Giftie post and see if it still rings true. Today, I am going to examine my most popular post of all time, Mr. and Mrs. Planner.

Take a minute and read it here. (For bonus entertainment, this post reveals how far I've come as a blogger. Eek. I was still finding my voice back then.)

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I wrote that post in almost two years ago. My binder has changed (in color only, from black with muted circles to black with white flourishes), but the post still rings true in every other way.

I still treat my planner like a marriage - not an easy or flawless relationship, but one with the potential for so much reward if we work together. There are plenty of things that can be done to make a plannerd fall in love with a planner, and stay that way! 

Getting past the honeymoon phase and staying together blissfully is what the planner community calls "planner peace." 

To achieve planner peace, one must follow a few simple guidelines.

1. The color, style, and feel should be personally appealing. 

If I didn't love the planner at first glance, I never use it for very long!

2. Just like any other relationship, the planner and the plannerd should spend time together every day.

3. The planner should be portable enough to fit the plannerd's lifestyle.

4. On a related note, buy totes, briefcases, and purses that are big enough to hold the planner comfortably.

5. Designate space in the home for the planner to land at the end of a busy day.

Almost two years later, and I am still doing these things.

The most important component of a good relationship with my planner? Simply writing things down. That single act nourishes the relationship and lets it blossom beyond the honeymoon phase.


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Havok said...

I like this concept!
I know there are people who search for their "unicorn" planner...the perfect planner, in the perfect color with the right number of card slots, the penloop that fits their favorite pens, and rings that are just so...
But, as in marriage, your spouse is not perfect, and I doubt finding the "perfect" or "unicorn" planner is going to be 100% what you want either. xD
I love my Finsbury. And yes it has its oddities and no, it's not perfect, but it is exactly what I need in my life, as is my spouse!!

KariP said...

Totally agree! No matter how many shoulds or gotta do's are contained in the book/binder, if it's not visually appealing, it will, at best, be grudgingly used.