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Sunday, February 8, 2015

7 Things That You Aren't Writing Down

For today's Sunday flashback post, I chose 7 Things That You Aren't Writing Down, But Should. It's worth clicking on the link and reading the post!

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The surprising thing about this post? Even though I have moved to digital planning for work, I'm still writing down most of the things that I suggested.

The only one that I am not writing down? The kids' homework. The older kid is in third grade and has straight As, so homework is his problem (at least until grades drop). The younger kid gets a paper handout, so that works for me!



Marsha Powell said...

I always write down everything! If I don't, then I'll forget it. LOL! Everyone thinks it's funny to see my post-it's all over my computer and fridge, but it sure keeps me on track.

pattygardner.com said...

I have to write everything down, too. If it's not written down, it most likely won't get remembered and/or done.

Kristy, have you read the book Decide? I'm reading it and came across this quote I thought you might enjoy:

"However, if you're depending on your brain to recall a list of important things, you might want to call i some backup - just in case." and

"If you saw your brain on the shelf of a retail store you wouldn't buy it! Yet people rely solely on their memory to manage their lives all the time."

I sure wouldn't buy my brain. I'd buy my planner, though!

Anonymous said...

After years of using a planner, I find myself asking other people why they don't use one, or a calendar, etc. I have been around for 68 years. There is a lot of stuff stored in my brain, but if I want to recall it, then it is better to have it written down somewhere.

My powers of recall are great, but age is showing itself to be a factor. Just this morning I showed my daughter where to find the information she would need if anything happened to me. She marveled that it was all stored in two places. In my computer PIM and in a special plannnr.

I had originally set up my parents' information for them back in the mid 90s. Now it is my turn to put things in order. I didn't have to do much. Most of it was already done. I just did the last revisions on the address book, updated our bank information, and updated the medical data following our recent visits to the doctor. If she needs the information, she kow knows where to find it.

For me it is a relief to have my information where I can find it and it can be found by those who might need it if I am not able to access it myself.

Simple things like birthdays and anniversaries are in the PIM. The due dates for annual payments are in the PIM. Reminders to do specific things are in the PIM. The PIM is open on my computer every morning, but if I cannot access it because I am away from home, it is good to know that I can give the information to my husband or my daughter.

Dianne in the deeert

runwright said...

I love writing things down. It's not that i necessarily forget them if I don't write it down, it's that I feel panicked the whole time that I will forget. OCD much? Please don't judge me :-)