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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Breaking Planner News

I just wanted to share some news that might affect the planner community. 

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Staples is trying to buy out Office Depot in America.

Read my source here.

I am a bit concerned. If these two companies merge, our office supply options could be threatened.

There is a chance that the United States could fail to approve the merger.

Does this make you nervous? Or am I all alone in worrying about this?



Unknown said...

I would love to see Staples come to my hometown, but I'd much rather see Target here instead. The building that currently houses Office Max (name on the sign was never changed to Office Depot) is an old one, so most likely, Staples would either build closer to the college, or just close the store. That would mean I'd either have to drive for an hour for planner supplies, or just order everything online.

Bree said...

It will probably go through - it's a different environment today. It's not a monopoly because of the options on the web.

At least where I live (a small American city), we have a local B2B competitor that is actually thriving since Office Max and Office Depot reduced so many SKUs and charge so much for shipping.

My FC Classic Blooms weekly inserts came from them this year - they were delivered to the office by a branded delivery truck, and for cheaper than Office Max or Quill (aka Staples B2B) had them online.

Havok said...

I think I heard something about this...and I don't actually mind, because there are locations for both easily found here, so no more having to try both stores. If one doesn't have it, it's to Amazon with me. While I enjoy getting things in person and whatnot, there isn't really anything that Staples or Office Depot offer that makes them special in any way.

Unknown said...

I'm going to wait to worry...

Staples and Office Depot and once upon a time Office Max were equidistant from me. I rarely shopped at any.

I still buy a fair amount of basic supplies from Costco and Target and Wal-Mart during School sales.

Office Depot brand ink was a good buy, but I had great deals on ink at Amazon. If I don't procrastinate...

Anyway, I find that when the three existed, they were fairly competitive and equally over priced.

Cassie said...

Really? Didn't Office Depot just buy Office Max?

Unknown said...

Office Depot, Staples, and OfficeMax all have a presence in my area. Unfortunately all three have seriously reduced their planner supply stock. I rely on online vendors and Amazon for my planner supplies. The selection is much better.

Unknown said...

Hello everybody!
Giftie, thanks for all you do -- I so enjoy your comments. I was just at OfficeMax in Springfield PA as I have finally just found they have low cost blank lined planner paper 80 sheets for 1.79. And frixon pens were sold out because Swarthmore College is just down the street. But I love that they offered to ship my two items for FREE.

Unknown said...

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