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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Secret Source of Planners

People bring their planners to thrift stores to get rid of them. Thrift stores are a secret source of planners that I had previous dismissed as pure myth.

I know! I thought people were lying about that, too. But they were telling the truth.

(My sincerest apologies for thinking all of you were lying liars. Trust issues, you know.)

I found this beautiful, pre-loved classic sized ring bound "Franklin Covey full grain nappa leather" (according to the stamp on the lower right hand pocket) planner at a local thrift store.

TIP: Shop the thrift stores near the business areas of town or near the upscale neighborhoods for higher chances of finding real leather.

It has a full length pocket starting on the left inside edge, along with an older style cell phone pocket (making me think this planner is from the very late 1990s or early 2000s, based on the shape of pre-smart phone cell phones). It also has a half-pocket that strikes me as completely useless.

On the right, the 1.25" rings are completely removable by just sliding them out. There is also a small pocket with business card holder on top, a lovely and tight pen loop, and a full length top to bottom pocket for memo pads.

Planners at thrift stores are often "well-loved." Basically, that means that the leather on this black planner has all the normal nicks and scratches that come with time, but truly don't distract from its beauty.

This planner has the smallest footprint that I have ever seen in a Franklin Covey classic. If someone was looking for a perfect travel planner, for a busy commute, this is it. Big enough and small enough and tough enough, all at once. Plus, it only costs $2.95 (in American dollars).

If this mythical Planner of the World of Lore exists, maybe your unicorn planner does, too. One can dream!


P.S. A unicorn planner is the one that one dreams about, but probably does not exist. 


Anna said...

The planner I'm using now is a Franklin Covey classic in Black. It was brand new in the thrift store for only $2. I bought it because my daughter really wanted it, but I'm the one that used it. :) She decided to get a student planner that she liked better.

EnchantedExcurse said...

I wish where I lived had more interesting thrift stores. Most of what they carry here are just clothes, and not even retro clothes. So sad. lol

Positively Southern said...

I'm a planner junkie so I am delighted to find your blog!

Kelly said...

What!? This is so interesting! Who knew? I source 90% of my food styling props from thrift stores - you never know the gems you will find!

Dapoppins said...

My local Goodwill has a ton, but the good ones are so overpriced! ACK. So I have to wait for half off day to get them for less than 3.00 - but sometimes they have some really fabulous finds.

Unknown said...

I found a planner at the thrift store Friday! $1.49 (as it was the right colored tag for it to be 1/2 off!)! It's the classic size, but I've done some searching and can't find the name of it - it is an older style, I can tell just by looking at it, lol, but I'm excited to add it to the collection!!

Stefanie said...

I'm so jealous... Unfortunately, there are no planner finds in my tiny town (population of 4,200)... :( And the nearest potential is 120 miles away. I will live vicariously I suppose.

SMW said...

Yes, I have found several in local charity shops. An immaculate Finsbury slimline for £1.50, another unused Domino mini for £1, and a Pink Olympics 2012 filofax for £1. They all came with lots of unused inserts inside as well which was a bonus!

Amy K said...

At my local Salvation Army, I found a personal size royal blue/purple Filofax Topaz for $2.00, Canadian. Aside from a couple of marks on the outside, it was in perfect condition, it even had all of the original cotton cream inserts inside!

Miller Family said...

That is where I have gotten all of mine! I even scored a FC classic punch for .50 at a yard sale !!!