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Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Daily Plan In A Weekly Planner

If you are a Loyal Reader, you know that I prefer a monthly/weekly planner system. I use my monthly pages for scheduling and my weekly pages for tasks. 

Normally, I never need a daily page and actually don't recommend one unless you have lots of appointments each day.

Except, sometimes, this happens on a Monday (or a Thursday, I'm not picky). Yes, those are tasks listed ABOVE the Monday box.

While I am a fan of following set rules for your planner (because, for example, if you ONLY write tasks in one place, you won't forget to do a task), I do break the rules every now and then. Planning is more about the practical than the perfect.

Some days are so busy that they just call for a daily page.

TIP: Use the daily page sparingly, for days when you truly need a scheduled plan. If you use it too much, it takes up valuable planner space AND means you are spending too much time being busy. Humans need downtime.

I happen to have these pages (that I simply cut, hole punch, and store at the very back of my planner) from the Dollar Spot at Target.

TIP: If you don't have special pages, just use a lined or graph piece of planner paper for a daily plan.

I make three different plans. Should dos, errands/appointments, and must dos.

It really does let me organize a particularly busy day with ease. The red in this picture shows the parts of the list that I completed.

By the end of the day, I had done every single task. That never happens.



Kristin said...

"Planning is more about the practical than the perfect." I love that. I'll have to write it down in my planner as a reminder.

yezenia said...

Yes, I feel a printable coming on with that quote. ^^^

Diana said...

When my day is busier than expected, I add sticky notes to the mix. Mostly because my planner is so fat, opening it to add a page is more trouble than it's worth.

pattygardner.com said...

I get what you're saying about being too busy and a weekly view being better, but I still need a daily. I have to put routine tasks on my list or I'll forget them. I also use the page as a journal. So as much as weeklies might appeal to me, I'll be sticking to my dailies.

Giftie Etcetera said...

Go for it, Yez!

Kent From Oz said...

Well done. avery informative and personal account. love it.

Filohacks said...

Great approach. I used to do the same but it would bug me so much that I was having to use undated pages and breaking up my weekly system.

Then I discovered that Kent from Oz's Spiraldex fits neatly into a day in a weekly view which means you can schedule everything into the day without adding a page. (Thanks Kent) It is very easy to draw a Spiraldex using a ruler and pencil if you do it with straight lines.

This has saved me no end of planning stress! I still like your approach but being able to fit everything into my weekly sheets keeps me calm and happy... :-)

Filohacks said...

...and I totally agree with Kristin and Yaz. You come up with just the planning BEST aphorisms. There was one the other day, "I make the plan, write it in my planner, and follow the plan."

These should be tweeted - they are planning gold.