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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Living Planner: Always Tweaking

(That's tweaking, not twerking. If you are reading this because you were all excited about twerking, you need better "type and search" skills!)

Now that that important business is out of the way...let's talk planners.

My planner is essentially alive. It doesn't have DNA (unless leather carries some residual DNA?), but it is always growing and changing. What works one week doesn't always work the next. 

Sure, I post a lot about SYSTEMS and RULES and how you should do things, but sometimes, honestly, I just make it work.

For example, I am struggling with my page between weekly pages. I need something for overflow, but a whole page is almost too much. It blocks the view of my day. So I cut up some old notepaper and did this.

Notice I also used sticky notes for overflow this week. It was a crazy sort of week. I like the smaller cutout task list to handle the cray because it lists tasks (and household tasks and grocery list on back) without blocking the weekly layout.

Next week is incredibly UNBUSY, so hopefully I won't have as much tweaking then.

(The internet tells me that unbusy is not a word. I hereby declare the internet wrong. If twerking is a thing, unbusy HAS to be a thing, right?)



Mathochist said...

There is plenty of anmial DNA in that leather. And plant ones in the paper, too. (According to my hubby, who is the science-y one in the family.)

I love your half-sheet hack!

pattygardner.com said...

Is there a reason you don't use the pouch pagefinder by Franklin Covey? Doesn't that do exactly the same thing your piece of paper does? Or the Progressive Task List?

My planner is alive and growing, too. I tell new planner users all the time that planners evolve over time.

Josh LaPorte said...

I fiddle with my planner and I bake bread. Both are motivated in part by satisfaction and in part by a quest to find perfection. I want to bake the perfect loaf, and I want to devise the perfect planning system. It keeps me interested and engaged.

My week was insane. I have 12 lines for tasks on my 2PPD pages. I overflowed about 10-15 additional tasks on the facing notes page every single day. I got tons done but had tons of open items too. Next week will definitely be more of the same.

Giftie Etcetera said...

Patti - I like the pouch pagefinder okay, but when I want to check off tasks, I can't.

What I am brainstorming now (inspired by you just now) is a pouch pagefinder with the checklist itself in a cutout. Hmm.

Mathochist - I trust your hubby on such matters. :)

KariP said...

Just found this post. Re: Patty's pagefinder idea, trim a little off the right side of the top layer of plastic. Your writing is protected, but you'll have space for tick marks and codes. Since this is late, I'm sure you've already come up with this.