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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Undated Planner Pages

For those who know that I am a Franklin Covey 365 girl, you might have noticed that the Flourish planner comes with undated planner pages. I often buy cheap planners with undated pages to use in future years. 

TIP: If you are new to planning or on a budget, undated planners and refills are available year round, can start on any date, and tend to be less expensive.

Step-by-step, here's what I do to add undated pages, usually three months at a time, to my planner.

1. I use an erasable black Frixion pens to put in the monthly dates, based on a 2014 calendar that I Googled on-line.

This is the only reason that I use black pens. It's important that it is erasable, since it is so easy to make a mistake on this part.

2. I block out the unused monthly calendar squares using washi tape.

3. use an erasable black Frixion pens to put in the weekly dates, based on a 2014 calendar that I Googled on-line.

4. I block out any blank weekly pages with washi tape and a note leading me to the appropriate next month.

Sometimes, when you enter weekly dates, you will end up with an extra weekly page between the monthly pages. This is because months are more than four weeks long but less than five weeks long, so most planner printers simply add the extra week to all months for consistency in printing.

Say the month of April ends on Wednesday, the 30th. I still want to see an entire week at once, so I move April 28th, 29th, and 30th to the first week of May.

5. As an extra caution against accidentally writing in one of these blank weeks, I staple the extra week between the monthly dividers and the nearest valid, usable week

6. Finally, I copy the dates, tasks, and due dates from my future area of my planner to the newly dated month and week pages. As I do this, I scratch out the entries on the future pages.

BONUS TIP: I also washi tape old future planning pages, which have information I must save on the back of them, to the tabs. This makes sure I don't accidentally use them instead of the newly dated pages. I don't staple this time because I don't want to put holes in my tabs. Washi tape is easy to remove when I want to discard the future page, if I use true washi tape. Be careful of cheap brands, which are difficult to move around.


P.S. Today, one of my beloved blog posts is being featured at Read, Rate, and Review. Thank you, Ashley, for letting me contribute to your blog.


Ashley said...

So happy to have you over at Read, Rate and Review! It was a pleasure working with you!

Songbird said...

Funny, I had the opposite problem with weekly pages in the 365 planner in the past - mine did not have ENOUGH weekly pages for certain months. Sometimes I think quality control at FC is a little shaky...

nursefriendly said...

Hi Giftie,
Another informative post as usual. I was gifted a classic FC planner and I am thinking about what pages I want to buy.

Diana said...

I did not know undated was cheaper. I usually get Day-Timer the not so fancy kind. I am making a note to check those out in Fall.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that post SO MUCH!!!

Ashley and Jason Faucett said...

I like undated pages, they are more helpful to use when you need and change change if needed. :) Whwn I have extra I just remove a page then fill in accordingly and it works out; plus you have an extra page.

Ashley and Jason Faucett said...

Wow sorry for the spelling and grammar errors.