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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mouse - 4 Giftie Etcetera - 0

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I've seen Mouse four times now! Once, he was looking at the trap. He rolled his beady little eyes, put his nose in the air, and scampered away. Last night, we got home around 11 p.m. I was about to enter the kitchen when my husband of almost two decades yelled, "MOUSE!" There was no mouse this time.

Husband can probably expect divorce papers later in the week, unless he brings enough chocolate to repent for his grievous sin.

My Facebook friends, who shall remain anonymous, have weighed in on the (TOTALLY GROSS, right?) situation.

"Just name him and feed him pancakes."

"He just hangs out waiting for breakfast. He's cute in a filthy sort of way."

"I cook for him and teach the kids not to fear him. My husband spends every waking moment trying to kill him. It's the perfect storm."

Okay, all three of those were from the same amazing person. The rest are from the people on Team Kill Mouse.

"{A link to the CDC: Hantavirus}"

"Get a cat."

"Some people say that if you see them during the day, there's a lot of them. But that is not necessarily true."

"We have a terrier if you need him."

"Get a falcon." (Seriously, that is one of my favorite ideas!)

"I hear peeing on floors gets rid of mice." (Not only helpful, but timely, as a toddler nephew of mine crouched down and peed in the middle of the kitchen.)

"I had a pet mouse..." (I love this Facebook friend, but am considering whether I can even visit her house again.)

"An old-fashioned trap baited with peanut butter works every time. Wait, is baited really a word?"

"...I envision Loki with an army of falcons, about to take over the world." (Loki is my five year old.)

"Your best bet is to wait until Christmas Eve. I heard mice don't even stir before Christmas Eve."

"We think we had a mom come in and have a litter..." (Oh. My. Gosh.)

"Oddly, I find death by metal trap okay." (Total credit here - my husband.)

"I think I'm going to put a pecan covered in peanut butter on one trap, and Nestle crunch on the other, since he seems to be a fan of Nestle Crunch." (My husband again, basing his crack analysis on the bite marks in the Halloween candy.)

"Get a rat snake and let it loose."

We are all laughing, right? But not too hard, because...MOUSE!!!

Think writing "kill Mouse" in my planner will help?

(I've named the d*mn thing. Who names the creature of doom?!?)

(ADDENDUM: Eventually, a combination of plain ole mouse traps and plastic storage bins for all food stopped The Mouse. Find out the details of how to mouse-proof in this post.)



Giftie Etcetera said...

I am aware that my bookmark says "Peace" and my task list says "Kill."

:) It was not intentional.

Misty said...

is husband ok with the whole bird of prey thing? i thought he has a bird phobia.

Giftie Etcetera said...

HA HA! He does!!! He refuses to unseal the fireplace because of the "birds." And he teases me for being scared of a mouse. He is a weenie!

Giftie Etcetera said...

Ugh, mouse droppings on my cleaning towels. Ew!

I have to burn down the house. There is simply no choice in the matter.

Elaine said...

"(I've named the d*mn thing. Who names the creature of doom?!?)" Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you already named Loki, didn't you??

Stephani said... named the mouse...What is his/her/their name?

Giftie Etcetera said...

Mouse, of course. What else would one name a Mouse? Snickers?

Unknown said...

this is too funny. Im having a mouse problem.this year as well. weve caught 6 so far and still have at least one (ive saw) still lingering. :/ I hate it. not sure what to do. ive called Orkin and alls they did is what ive been doing set traps. l waste.of time and $. so a cat is my next thought. because my Yorkshire terrier isnt doing a darn thing. good luck, I hope you catch Mickey mouse. :-)

Alan said...

Maybe if we borrow a cat, bathe it and shave it, then when the hair starts growing back we can return it to its owner?