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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Most Important List In Your Planner

I suspect that most well-planned people struggle with relaxing.

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After all, if you are getting everything done (for real...not the half-baked way that I do things), you have no free time. If you aren't getting enough done, you are probably stressed and worried about it.

In theory, having a system and a plan allows us to rest, play, and balance our time. The reality, for me at least, is that I work, work, work until I burn out. 

Then I cry and hide from the world. Or I get sick. Every time I took final exams in college, I got sick on the day that they ended. There is even some research that shows that the sick-after-finals phenomenon is a real thing.

A planner should free you, not stress you. Help your planner do that.

*Plan free time every single day

I don't usually write it down, but I simply stop writing down things to do when the space is too full.

Creating extra space is not usually a valid solution, since I cannot create extra time. No matter how busy you are, you need downtime.

*Plan a day off once a week

I did that today.

It's not really "off," obviously. I am blogging, have to do carpool, and have a party tonight.

But I didn't put anything on my task list. It is a blissfully empty day. Even if you are not religious, there is something to the Bible story where God rests on the seventh day.

*When things get overwhelming, teach yourself to stop and reset BEFORE you break down.

This one is my personal challenge to myself. It feels lazy and irresponsible. It's not.

Stop, reset, and take a break. That is the responsible thing to do.

Your spouse, your kids, your roommates, and your boss will thank you.

*Put taking care of yourself in your plan

I take my meds, eat fruits and veggies, drink water, sleep, write, and move daily. I might not write all of those down, but if I find myself skipping some of them, I do a reset and write them down for a while.

I am not writing anything that we don't all already know. But sometimes, planners just need to see a list in front of them. Make a "taking care of me" list for yourself. You are worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Wow I think you wrote this just for me. I have been working a ridiculous amount of time and thought I needed to take a day off! Hoping for an entire Sunday off this week.

ZoeAnn Yussman said...

Thank you for reminding me to take care of me. Although I don't work outside the home, I have two almost adult children, both with special needs, and both very needy…. and a husband who does work a lot. I am on the go and doing for others all day. Then I wonder why I am exhausted all the time.
I am going to find a day of rest. And do that. Rest.
Thank you for giving me permission. said...

I take a break every day around 3:00 for about half an hour. I drink a coke, eat a snack and read a book. I'm so used to this break that my body tells me when it's time.

I also take a day off - Sunday. On Sunday we go to church and I watch football and work on my quilt. Sometimes I make dinner but usually we have something simple like frozen pizza or a sandwich of some kind. I don't usually do any housework. I don't make a to-do list usually unless there's something I absolutely have to do.

I also try really hard to pace myself. I broke my rule last week and scheduled a lot - stuff I'd been putting off and that was hanging over my head. I knew it wasn't a great idea but I did it anyway. I worked my tail off to get it all done. I was spectacularly productive. But the next week I was spectacularly unproductive. So it's better if I just pace myself.

Good reminders in this post.

Unknown said...

Great post. I always schedule reading time in the evenings - I can do that, I don't have little ones - and even though I'm reading for reviews, it is my down time. Have a great day!

Jaime Barfield said...

I really enjoyed reading this. I wasn't on blogger when you originally posted this, so I was happy to get the chance to go back and read it. I try to squeeze relaxation time into the mix because believe me, it is not pretty when I don't get my "me" time.

Stephanie said...

Such a good post! I definitely believe it's important to remember to take 'self' time to rest and relax or you'll get burnt out! #twinklytuesday