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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Video: How Santa Uses A Planner

Christmas only happens at my house with the help of my planner. As a special Christmas treat for my Loyal Readers, I did a video about how the elves and Mrs. Claus take advantage of a planner to organize Santa's trip.

Video: How Santa Uses A Planner

Some key tips:

*Load up your inside pocket with receipts and gift cards so that you don't lose them during the drive from the mall to your home.

*Have a blank dashboard ready for making that naughty and nice list on the go.

*Use a green or red tab to mark your holiday project section.

*Bookmark your holiday project section for ease of use while shopping.

*Note the gifts that kids are getting from others to reduce the number of duplicate gifts.

*Highlight incomplete items so you can get everything done.

*Create a Santa paper index for each child.

*Pile the childrens' gifts under their respective stockings.

*Use a post-it to hide Mrs. Claus's list of gifts for Santa, so Santa doesn't know what he is getting when he borrows Mrs. Claus's planner (as he will, no matter how much he claims he won't).

*Hole punch an extra page for the elves' many Christmas tasks.

Ho Ho Ho!


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yezenia said...

Great post and video! Again, I love the idea of specific wrapping paper for each kid. And I think it's awesome Santa uses his own paper too, it really must simplify his process.