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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Not Bound By Ring Bound

I use a ring-bound planner. I like the size (Franklin Covey compact with 1 inch rings), the flexibility, and the places to carry post-it notes, ink pens, and paperwork. But there is no reason that you HAVE to use a ring bound planner in order to work in many of my tips. 

You can use a spiral notebook, a spiral planner, or a Moleskine notebook to do most of what I do. (A lot of my tips even work for electronic planning.) If you are not using a ring-bound planner, I actually recommend a combination of a spiral planner with a small notebook or a spiral planner with lots of notes page.

Here are some examples of ways to use my tips with spiral planners.

*Have a blank dashboard for capturing information quickly.

When I was working full-time, I kept a simple legal pad next to my computer and phone. All day, I jotted down notes on it.

When I used a spiral planner, I kept a little notebook in my purse to capture information.

*Create a Project and a Notes notebook.

Just remember to set up an index and tabs (post-its work great) for each page, just like I do in my ring-bound planner.

*Make rules for yourself about how you'll use your monthly and weekly/daily pages - and follow them.

For example, decide on a space for listing menus or errands. Decide where timed events will be written. Decide if you will scratch out things that are completed.

*Use magnetic bookmarks to mark today's page.

*Buy a spiral planner with a pocket or use a binder clip for random papers that you need to keep with your planner.

*Do daily, monthly, and weekly reviews.

Really, almost any tip for organizing included in this blog can be adopted for any planner. The important things are that your planner works for you and that you work your planner.



yezenia said...

My spiral bound days are over. OVER I tell you! As much as I love my binder clips, they're getting to be too unruly now that its the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

While not bound by it I do prefer to be ring bound. It just works for me.

Anonymous said...

Simple tips, yet so useful. Thanks! I especially like the idea of using the binder clips to keep together loose paper. I use magnetic bookmarks to mark my today page as well. Works really great.

Janette said...

You could uses a Filofax Flex to organise the notebooks.....:D

Giftie Etcetera said...

Janette - I like the way that you think! :)