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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Focus Plans With Sticky Notes

I am not currently a huge user of sticky or post-it notes in my planner.

I keep post-it flags, of course, for marking my project and note pages.

I have small sticky notes in the back, in case I need extra space (but just a little) on my weekly pages. (Imagine my surprise when I used one of the cute bird ones from a Barnes and Noble Punctuate Planner, only to watch it fall to the ground because it's just notepaper and not at all sticky. D'uh.)

And I put some cute larger sizes for writing notes to teachers when I substitute or to my husband when I get annoyed and lose my sanity have to give him a reminder. (The note is for illustrative purposes only. My husband finally gave me the checks and is therefore no longer at risk from my crazy.)

But I am having a problem that I think only sticky notes can solve.

As my Loyal Readers know, I put context codes next to my tasks. In the case of things that can only be done at home, I put an H. (For example, I can only file old planner pages, print out something, or get new checks at home.)

Lately, I'm not getting to the home task list. When I am out and about, I obviously can't work on the home tasks. When I am home, I tend to put the home stuff off, since I can do it "anytime." (Sure, I can. But will I? No. Mrs. Lazy Etcetera.)

I think I'm going to start putting the home list on a sticky note, both to focus on it and so I get the pleasure of throwing it away. 

This method would also be nice anytime I have a few errands from different days to group together or tasks that need to be recopied in a particular order. I like context code grouping, but every now and then, things are just too overwhelming without a focus list in my planner.

Hopefully, this is the week when I overcome the lazies.



Debralyn said...

If *you* are lazy I don't think there is a printable word to describe me.
Honestly, your tips speak to me and I thank you again for sharing.
How's the mouse situation?

yezenia said...

Oops, I thought those Punctuate notes were sticky too.
And looking forward to seeing your sticky note conversion.

Giftie Etcetera said...

Debralyn - my friends are offering their cats. Lol. I think he is gone. No more evidence of him and no traps were even touched.

breakmydreams said...

You are ten times more organized then I am :/

Dawndela said...

I just want to know where your adorable owl sticky notes are from because I want to put them on my birthday gift list.

Giftie Etcetera said...

Dawndela - Barnes and Noble in their Punctuate vinyl planners (about $10 for the whole planner). But, sadly, they are NOT sticky notes. I tried to stick one and got a rude awakening. They are just...NOTES!

Blessed Hands Keeping Our Home said...

Dawndela and Giftie,

You can make sticky notes out of them by using a Repositionable glue stick on them and letting the glue dry before sticking them together to make "post-its" or applying them to your planner page. Hope this helps


Wilted Mama said...

I've been following you for a couple of months but just recently started from the beginning of "Giftie Time" and been working my way through to the present. I've used paper planners off and on since college but found all of the "groups" in the past six months or so. Unfortunately I've gotten caught up in the decorating, YouTube videos, an so on. I've been using classic size Franklin Covey for several ,on this and really like the ring bound system. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized how. Freakin'. Heavy it had gotten. So while trolling my local GoodWill store I found a $3 personal sized, off brand planner with undated inserts. I've been personalizing it and so far am thrilled with my $3 purchase. I'm nervous that I won't have enough room to write everything down (I'm a full time special education teacher, mom, wife, and doctoral candidate) but after reading your posts and carrying around my "new" MUCH lighter planner I'm hoping this works put and doesn't become a planner fail. Thanks for the inspiration and the courage to try something that May or may not work. :-)