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Monday, November 17, 2008


Apparently, Ander does not know the difference between real and pretend.

On the way to work this morning, I'm driving the car. Ander and Loki are in the backseat. Ander's eyes are staring at the back of the passenger seat and he says, "Mommy, there's a lizard." And he points.

Holy crap, I think. Please don't be a snake. I'm not scared of snakes, usually, but if one gets in the car with the children, I'd be horrified. Then it occurs to me to ask, "Ander, is it real or pretend?"

Ander (casually): "Pretend."

And then, "but it has hands and it's crawling to Mommy."


I glance back. I'm supposed to be driving, in a straight line, but HELLO! So I glance back, and...there's a little head peeking out. UGH!

I still haven't been able to catch him. He keeps crawling under the passenger seat. Think he'll die (and stink) in my car? Think I should go ahead and get my car professionally detailed?

Not pretend, Ander. R-E-A-L real!



Sammy Jankis said...

Okay, you totally under-dramatized this one.

Kristy called me this morning to say that Ander says there is a lizard on the back of the seat. She wanted to know if I thought she should pull over to check it out or not. She kept asking Ander while on the phone with me if it was real or pretend and sounded a bit skittish. I told her if she was really concerned she should pull over and check but if Ander is saying it is pretend then he is probably making it up.

She called me back about three minutes later to let me know the lizard had just topped over the passenger seat and that Ander most definitely does NOT understand the meaning of pretend.


Frog said...

Oh, my!! I would have been going crazy!!