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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Treats, Treats, Treats

My brother-in-law drove a trailer over my big toe. OUCH! Ander cried when it was time to actually trick or treat. And I ate so much my tummy hurts, today.

But it was the best Halloween ever. Doris and her kids visited my mom's house. The kids played pretty well. (I can only hope that Hunter didn't bully Doris's son too much. But they seemed to have fun, at least.) We sat around and talked and laughed and it was great!

Ander was a cute dalmation. And Loki was the cutest pumpkin ever, though I should have dressed him as a vampire.

My favorite moment was when Ander opened up a pumpkin Pez dispenser and yelled, excitedly, "batteries...I GOT BATTERIES." He loves his batteries, and keeps making me put more batteries in the Pez so he can eat them.

Sunny reminded me, after I called her at 10 a.m., that some people are still young enough to go drinking on Halloween and appreciate if you don't call them until after noon. Opps, my bad! I'm so old now that it didn't even occur to me she'd be asleep. :/


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