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Sunday, November 30, 2008


I've had, and will have, several different social events at my home. I would say this is unusual for us. Generally, we only have one or two social events in a whole year. But it was my turn for Thanksgiving (among those in my family who could have it this year) and next week is Loki's Christening. In between, might as well celebrate a friend's birthday while the house is clean. The weird thing is that all the social events had/will have a different set of guests. Thanksgiving obviously involves my immediate family, the birthday involved all of my friend's family and closest friends,including people all the way from Mansfield and Michigan, and the Christening involves the godparents and my immediate family.

I'm exhausted, of course, with all the cleaning and cooking. And, wow, I've spent a lot of time with family recently.

But I actually feel like I haven't been just trapped in the house. And after months of bedrest and new babyhood, I am ready to not feel trapped.

The mall still makes me feel trapped, just FYI.

Damn that shopping list.


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Beorn said...

I used to have gatherings at my apartment now and again, but I stopped because people kept rummaging through my refrigerator and pantry and eating my food without even asking if it was okay. It always seemed rather obvious to me that when you visit someone else, toilet paper and soap are the only consumables you can take without asking. Curious how some people don't seem to have those boundaries.