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Friday, May 9, 2008

Salaries For Moms

Because of Mother's Day weekend, several news stations are reporting a mother's "actual worth." They calculate a yearly salary based on things like time spent as a housekeeper, a psychologist, and a nurse.

I think it's just silly.

Your salary is what a person is willing to pay you. Right now, no one is willing to pay moms, or involved dads, much. I almost think it's insulting to moms to talk about how much you should earn based on what you do for your family. For the same reason, Ander's allowance (intended to teach him how to budget/spend money) will not be connected to his chores (an UNPAID service to his family that is expected and required). I do not work for my family for money. I would not work for my family for money. I only earn money because I have to - you know, to eat and stuff.

I wish news programs would, instead of focusing on money, focus on the advantages to society if laws changed to help families. Give woman and men time off to raise children. Make work hours flexible, so families can come first. Make it easy for mom to breastfeed and work. Make it easy for dad to take off early for the soccer game or the school play. Encourage people to reproduce responsibly, so that we can build our future now.



abyssean said...

While I do agree with you that it is silly, it is for different reasons:

(economist speak on)

They used the phrase "salary". That was NOT what they should have called it. What they should have said is the found an estimate of what a year of housework is worth. That is not a salary. What your time is worth and what others are willing to pay for your time can be two VERY different things.

(economist speak off)

I could also talk about not taking into account the opprotunity cost of not working, but I better stop now...

Miss-buggy said...

I would have to agree with you Wife to Box....
I hate those commercials. I would really not ask to be paid to raise my child. I agree with you that they should really make things easier for the working parents. In Canada you get a year off. You get money monthly to help with raising a child. Child taxes. You also get a daycare allowance even if you don't do daycare. I hate when they put a price tag on what mothers do.

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