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Friday, May 2, 2008

There's Still A Heartbeat

I am one exhausted mommy. The sharp back pains continued throughout the night (and, in fact, are still continuing, although Tylenol at least let me sleep some). The doctor let Ander hear the heartbeat. His eyes got wide...and he said, "that baby in mommy's tummy." He he. My doctor was really nice to him.

The sharp pain is more likely a muscle than a kidney, which is great news for my health and the pregnancy, but sucky news pain-wise, as there's little they can do. I'm to do physical therapy, take it easy, and have Tylenol. He offered harder stuff, but in my line of work, you only take harder stuff if you need to. ;) I do have a few other little problems, so I am off (after Ander let me sleep for 1 1/2 hours..."don't worry, Mommy, I watch Superwhy") to fill my script.

My sister had her first appointment, at 11 weeks, and brought home pictures from the sonogram. We met up for lunch (because her husband had to go back to school after the appointment) and then went to my BIL's hospital room with food for him and my sister, because he had surgery on his neck this morning. He's feeling fine.



Frog said...

Yeah for baby's heartbeats! Hopefully the vomiting and not wanting to eat will pass and you'll feel better soon.

Stac Cole said...

I have the name of a spa somewhere that gives the BEST pregnancy massages. Let me know if that's something you're interested in and I'll look it up for you!

Misty said...

wow i'm so out of the loop. *ostrich pokes her head out of the sand* how far along are you, and which sister?