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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Am Feeling Better

I swear that I am! Just ignore the lack of appetite and the occasional (meaning again this morning) vomiting. Or, and the sometimes knife in my back. But my doctor (kindly, and well-meaning, I'm certain) assures me that will resolve itself by the time I deliver. I can get PT, but I frankly don't have time for PT. The pain is severe, but it's about once a day for 20 seconds. PT is twice a week, involving two hours of going to and from the office and having a PT session.

There are these chipper pregnant women I see sometimes who never complain. H-A-T-E T-H-E-M. Hate 'em. Just FYI.



fairyhedgehog said...

Worse than the ones who don't complain are the ones who glow with health and happiness and love every step of the way - and let you know it.

Well, that was how I felt both times anyway.

Miss-buggy said...

oh those chipper ones drive me CRAZY!!!
what a relief knowing it will relieve when you deliver. But what about for the time being???
THinking about you and praying

Stac Cole said...

Hey, I was one of those happy chipper ones! :)