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Friday, June 22, 2007

Playing SAHM

So yesterday I didn't go to the office, and I didn't get any lawyer work done at home or at a coffee shop. That was the plan, but I usually fit something in. (Well, I did get one work phone call in, but that is it.)

But I did plan to do other things, like get an oil change for the car and grab some stuff at the store, and I simply ran out of time. I did get the floor sewpt and mopped while Ander played with (but refused to actually eat) his supper. I had to, because my husband taught Ander that sprinkles for cupcakes are actually maracas, and my darling shoke them until the blue sprinkles exploded and it appears that cookie monster had throw up all over my floor. I also did the dishes, btu since that's normally Alan's job, he got all confused and stuff.

Sadly, I'm looking forward to going to the office today. I love playing with Ander. But I need a break from the constant disciplining and teaching so that I can still be good at it. It's clear to me that if I am with him all day, he gets clingy and whiney and wants nothing else except to be held. It's also apparent that I am not as patient and calm and really have to work at getting down to his level, speaking firmly, giving him lots of hugs and kisses, showing and telling instead of just telling - all the important parts of toddler discipline. They are just exhausting!


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Frog said...

Some days I want to be a SAHM, others, no way! I definitely could get use to a little more part time work. One day... maybe! After all, I'd LOVE to be a partner at the firm one day!