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Saturday, June 16, 2007


I really don't like the Flylady. Which is weird, because I am secretly (okay, obviously) obsessed with organizing.

What I don't like is the whole wear shoes/makeup (hello, I could use that time to do twenty other things), clean the kitchen sink (where I store my dishes until they go in the dishwasher - something that happens quite regularly, thank you very much), and the constant e-mails. I even read her book this weekend, and frankly, it's silly.

Having said that, I think I did learn a lot from her. I use her 15 minute pick-up four days a week, I have a morning and an evening routine (complete with a dry-erase checklist on my fridge), and I clean off the island in my kitchen much as she would clean the kitchen sink (but much more practical, IMHO).

Now, if I only had a personal assistant to do these things for me.



Anonymous said...

As a personal assistant, I can certainly smile at your need for a personal assistant. I need one of my own. Most people don't realize that personal assistants are just for the ultra rich or famous anymore. There is an entire industry devoted to helping people run their errands and add more hours to their day... in fact, the majority of my clients are middle class, not ultra wealthy.
Best to you,
Christie - Priorities Concierge

Mathochist said...

I would not have recommended FlyLady to you. (IMO) Her system is not really for people who can look at a mess and actually know what to do with it/where to start on it. It is more for people like me who get so overwhelmed at the mess, we ignore it and hope it goes away. Because we don't even know how to start tackling it.

I'm glad you were able to take something helpful away from her ideas!