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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Feeling Much Better

I don't know what was up yesterday, but I really thought I was coming down with the flu or something. I felt so bad, but nothing specific. Sleepy, mild headache, heavy chest, and sore muscles (but without exercising). But today, I feel fine. Really good, actually. Alan let me gets lots of rest yesterday, so maybe that's just what I needed.

I was used as an example to day in Strollerfit. I used proper form doing squats on the balance ball. He he. No one should copy me as an example of how to exercise.

A lady came to Strollerfit today, and I was busy standing in the back, being judgmental of her. {blushing} I know I shouldn't have, but the thoughts went through my mind anyway. She let her two year old get out of the stroller, roam around, and play wiht exercise balls during the aerobic portion of the class. Finally, when she had enough of it, she left class early. I just kept thinking, "put her in her stroller and if she cries, well, she cries. She'll learn to like the music and movement, but not if you don't give her the chance. You're the adult, after all." Sigh. But no. The two year old told mommy how it would be, and mommy jumped at her command. So both mommy and the two year old ended up miserable.

Ander has moved on from playing with the babies in Strollerfit (in the middle of a mat on the floor) to following the bigger kids around. Watch out world!



Frog said...

Glad you are feeling better!! That story of the strollerfit lady reminds me of someone else I know. Lots of people let their children control them.

Miss-buggy said...

Go ander go!! You were probably still feeling exhausted and outta sorts from the asthma attack. My friend gets them really bad sometimes, she just had one last week or so cause of someone's perfume. She said she still feels it the next two days.
Good for you for doing stroller fit! You are gonna be to canada in NO time. I think I am still in BC! LOL!!