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Sunday, June 24, 2007

For Froggy - My Cleaning System

Keep in mind that Alan does most of the laundry (except that I put my own already folded clothes away and I sometimes help with Ander's clothes) and deep cleans everything every fourth month or so, when his mom visits. Alan also cleans other things on a whim - vacuums the carpets/rug, sweeps, or wipes things down. But when I actually do my entire weekly schedule, the house stays decent (as in a person could actually clean it for company in about fifteen minutes, and for inspection in about an hour).

My schedule:

Sunday: grocery shop, cut grass, refill my medicine container, save my laundry

Once per week (no time limit, but I decide on Sunday what needs it most and pick based on the busiest of my week): DEEP CLEAN one category, like the floors, or the bathrooms, or all the windows, or something like that.

Once per week: PAIN IN THE BUTT/ORGANIZING CHORE, like taking the box to Goodwill, sorting through the junk drawer, throwing out the ink pens that don't work, or redoing the files

4 times per week: 15 minute quick clean (Order of priority: 1. must do chores like dishes and laundry; 2. clean areas that are seen by people, like wiping down the island or kitchen table or picking up toys or sweeping the floor/carpet; 3. quickly clean areas that take upkeep, like the toilets, sweep floors, or wipe down the tubs; and 4. everything else)

Daily: keep island clean and try to erase the evidence of whatever I do as I go. This means that if I cook dinner, I try to clean up immediately (wipe down stove, rinse dishes and pans and put in dishwasher, store leftovers, and clear and wipe down table). If I get ready in the morning, makeup goes back in the drawer, the sink gets swished after I brush my teeth, the q-tip goes in the trash, I swish the toilet brush through the toilet (doesn't clean it at all, but stops grossness from building up until I hit it in a quick clean or deep clean), my robes gets hung up, etc. The ERASING THE EVIDENCE really the key, because the quick clean just picks up the missed stuff and the slack.



Frog said...

I don't think I could live with that cleaning system, but you know I'm a little obsessed! I probably do your 4 month cleaning about every two weeks. Maybe more than that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your whole system. I need to sit down with my husband and we need to decide on an area to keep clean all the time. And I need to pick one day a week to do my deep clean.