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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why I Still Haven't Cleaned Up From Christmas

At Giftie Etcetera, I try to keep it real. So this is a real picture of my living room on January 20th.

clean, cleaning, house cleaning

Most organizing bloggers would be ashamed to post such a picture. 

But I'm not. 

I'm sharing reality so that YOU don't feel so alone.

We all have clutter somewhere. And we all have reasons for that clutter. (Some people don't seem to have clutter. They are actually robots. Do not be fooled!)

For me, the reason for clutter this time is that I cannot be in the house when the tree is removed. I am allergic to dust and the storage boxes are dusty, so my husband will take down the tree while I am out of the house tonight.

Whatever the reason, forgive yourself.

Clutter happens. 

Cleaning up makes life easier. Knowing where things are and having an orderly environment can reduce stress.

But please don't think organizing bloggers' perfect pictures are reality. 

At some point in everybody's life, there is a stack of stuff out of place somewhere.

And that is okay.


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Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing this! While my tree and decorations are down, it's only because my oldest daughter's birthday is January 5th and I decided when she was born I was going to keep the holiday/birthday lines from becoming blurred. HOWEVER, I have my "spots" as well....like the old school papers from before summer sitting in the corner of my living room. =)

Grace's Mama said...

Wow! For a second I thought you had taken a picture of my living room. We have procrastinated as well on taking down the tree but everything else has been put away. This weekend we will tackle that (and the gifts that have been stacked into bedrooms) since we will be snow bound at home in NYC. Thank you for keeping it real. I'm sure there are many of us who breathed a sigh of relief to see this photo. This is why I come back to your blog every day.

Anonymous said...

Ours is still up too. Due to health issues, I can't. My husband has been hit by a car and his shoulder and 7 ribs are broken, so he can't either. We depend on two teenagers for the cleanup of the tree. So it didn't happen yet. Oh Well, worse things in life (like been hit by a car on your bike, auch!)

LAS said...

Thanks, now I don't feel so bad. Ours are down but in a pile in the living room. Maybe we'll get it all boxed this weekend.

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Love real-life posts and this one is perfect! Visiting from Saturday Sparks.

Jean said...

Great post. I love real posts like this. It must be very hard to be allergic to dust. Our house seems to be dusty all the time.

Mary K. said...

Ha! I just cleaned up mine last week and I have no good exuses! Yes life happens, and in my case blogging has gotten in the way of life. ANyway it's nobodys business when you take your tree down,

Unknown said...

I'm so glad I ran across this post. I was feeling ashamed seeing all the blogs that had already packed up and labeled all their Christmas decorations in color coordinating containers and already had everything decorated and ready for spring and Easter. I thought I am the laziest, lousiest, wife/mommy ever! Why can't I be like that? Thanks for some reality and keeping it real finally.

Regina L. L. Wells | You Are a Daisy said...

Hillarious! I love you for posting this.

Unknown said...

I have my tree down but still have a cluttered life. And today I'm forgiving myself and just doing the best I can. Thanks for the boost today !!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. So nice to be reminded that no one is perfect. I, on the other hand, do have an immaculate house; however, beware because I also have OCD. We can't always choose to have perfectly clean houses. Some of us just have to do it. Glad I can share and laugh about it. Perhaps you can do a post on accepting your messiness.

Love this.

Karen said...

Needed to see this today, as I was looking at the piles of toys and books and laundry that just aren't getting taken care of. I'm glad I found you on the blog hop this week, am now following, and look forward to reading more!

Meredith @ MommyAtoZ said...

We just removed our tree last weekend. You're right, we all have clutter somewhere, and the giant dying tree was an elephant in the room! Thanks for the honesty, and for sharing at the Manic Mondays blog hop!