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Monday, January 18, 2016

Creating Planner Layouts That Reflect Your Goals

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Since I look at my planner at least every morning, it seems important that my planner pages reflect my goals.

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But I'm not a touchy-feely, mushy-wushy person. I am a Type A personality with a bit of a Type B soft heart. The Type B inside of me, though, only extends to others. I feel strongly about relationships. But I can't just let things go, like my true Type B friends.

My Type B does not extend to goal-setting. That's all Type A, y'all. All of it.

For me, goals are about counting. Did I exercise for a full 30 minutes? Did I eat exactly 1,500 calories or less? Did I turn in all my work assignments early or on-time?

Obviously, such strict regimens mean that I can't achieve them all, at which point my Type A feels massively self-loathing.

Something had to change.

I decided that my plans would change. 

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Sometimes, they reflect a concrete step in reaching my goals, like exercising for a certain number of minutes.

More often, though, I needed to tap into my sliver of Type B (using, admittedly, the very Type A method of a planner) to get closer to my goals (and to realize that closer is, in itself, a successful outcome).

I use my daily docket layout to focus on my goals.

Must Dos

The GREEN ARROWS in the picture show things that I must get done. 

Those things are to the top and to the left, because English readers' eyes are naturally drawn to those locations first.

For example, one goal is to get my struggling child to socialize more. By getting his cub scout uniform ready for tomorrow, I help him towards that goal.

Should Dos

The RED ARROWS in the photo demonstrate examples of things that I should do to achieve my goals.

This is more of a Type B thing, since I am NOT a failure in my mind if I don't get to them. But my Type A personality, of course, pushes me to get them done.

Notice that I make yoga a "should do" item.


I have notes in the PURPLE CIRCLE.

Notes give me some guidance as to what I might need to think about today, but not do.


One of my main goals is to eat more real food, so the menu in the BLUE RECTANGLE helps with that.

Word of the Year

Every year, I pick a word of the year (as shown in the ORANGE RECTANGLE). 

Usually, it's something very Type A, like "succeed" or "excellence" or something else completely work-related. This year, though, I went a completely different route.

I decided on the word "relax."

Each day, I write it on my daily plan.

That goal is my biggest one for the year and the most difficult for me. But note that having a meal plan, knowing my tasks and schedule, and doing yoga all help with it!

My dailies were created using AT-A-GLANCE Planning Note Cards and notated with the help of my Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

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Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond said...

Oh this is great and just what I need. I'm like you and need to know I've achieved what is on the list. I just haven't been able to get into planning correctly for my blog so this will be a great help. I've pinned it to my Sizzling Towards Sixty Blogging Tips n Tricks board. Thanks for sharing with us at #Overthemoon. See you next week.

Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond said...

Hi there thanks for a great post! I have selected your post in my top 2 picks for #overthemoon. Thanks for linking up and have a great day!

JES said...

I did enjoy this post (at least the type A part of me did) because it gave ideas on how NOT to set myself up for failure. Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! :)

muzsi said...

exactly on this I'm working also - finding a better layout what helps me to concentrate on my goals :)
I have such items as "declutter for 10 minutes on my computer" - might seem not so important on a busy day, and I tend to leave it so much times. but because it belongs to my goals (decluttering my life...) it's a must done!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog post. My brain feels so much happier. Been trying to incorporate all these elements and wondering how without using copious amounts of highlighter to separate things such as to do's, notes and menu. This daily plan will be perfect! Wonderful layout. Thank you so very much!