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Monday, April 20, 2015

Taking Care of You in Your Daily Plan

Crazy people write down baths. Obsessed, memory-challenged, unusual humans write the word "shower" in their planner. Normal people just KNOW to clean themselves on a regular basis.

Okay, sometimes I write down that my epilepsy kid needs a bath, since I have to put aside time in my night to monitor him in the tub. Totally doesn't count, right?

(As an important aside, if you have a memory problem, say for a true medical condition, write down "bath." You are smart for doing that.) 

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That said, if you are slacking on taking care of yourself, it is completely valid to write down self-care. 

I haven't given myself a pedicure in ages, and spring is upon us here in Louisiana, causing the shorts dilemma. (Basically, I argue with myself. "Shave!" "No, self, don't shave. Just wear pants." "But, self, it's hot. Shave." "But I don't wannnnnna.")

I need to eat better.

I need to exercise, including getting some baseline measures of how long I can plank and how many push-ups I can do (three, girly-kind, on an excellent day, probably not in a row).

Sometimes, the only way that I will fit something into my schedule is if I write it in my daily plan. So when I slack on self-care (...not baths, people!...have you noticed my OCD?), I write it down on my daily docket.

It's my coping mechanism. It works.


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Susan said...

I loved your post, quick, witty you had me smiling all the way through. Please tell me more about your daily docket.
Thanks for the lovely comment last week.

Janine Halloran said...

I think it's quite smart to write down your goals for the day. I LOVE making lists. It keeps me honest and helps me be productive. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.