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Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to Archive Facebook

Facebook has a simple process set up to create a zipped file backing up your videos, photos, and text that you've uploaded over the years.

1. Go to settings (using the drop down menu by clicking on the "settings" arrow noted in the picture below).

Facebook, archive

2. Choose "Settings" > "General" > "Download a copy" (noted in the picture above).

3. Then just follow the directions, including waiting for an e-mail and clicking the link to archive.

Be aware that the archive downloads as a large zipped file, so don't unzip unless you have enough memory. It's not a perfect backup system, but if you are ever without Facebook, it's something.



Ali Williams said...

I love this! All of our family pictures are now on FB and I would hate to lose them. Thanks for posting something I've never seen before!

Unknown said...

At times like this I wish I hadn't deleted Facebook sophomore year of college. I would love some of my college memories. I had to restart Facebook after college to manage the social media accounts for a company I worked for, but I never found how to get the old stuff back.