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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Repeating Planner Series: Yearly Dates

I've always maintained future pages, so when Laurie at Plannerisms suggested a separate future page (she does her's in blue) for each month for items that repeat every single year, I had to adopt the idea. 

(Go read her blog. It is amazing. Also, my adaptation is a very casual take on her idea. You want to read her perspective on this.)

I put it right before each month.

Note that this page is only for things that happen every year, like a birthday, anniversary, or annual check-up. My cousin's wedding in January is a one-time event and just goes on my regular future pages.



Emily said...

I like that idea -- I find one of the major downsides to paper planners compared to electronic planners is how you can't set things to automatically repeat with paper, and it seems like this might be a solution.

lyn said...

This is such a useful idea! I saw this on Plannerism's blog too and am definitely gonna do this for birthdays and anniversaries. I was using my monthly pages but since these events occur every year, I didn't want to keep entering them annually.

Genevieve said...

I cannot find the post you are referring to on Plannerisms. Is it possible you can tell me the link to the page. Ive been searching for a while now and just cant find it...thank you. Genevieve

Anonymous said...

I've done something like this for years. It started out as a "special dates" page for each month (birthdays, anniversaries) then I started adding things I want to remember (like when did I get the new battery in the car, when did my daughter get her drivers license, etc., etc.). Then I started adding the annually recurring events/to dos for each month.