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Monday, November 3, 2014

Repeating Planner Entry Series: Weekly Schedule

There is a continuing tension in my planner between detailed scheduling (with too much writing and "busyness" on the page) and more broad scheduling (where accidental conflicts sometimes occur).


For example, I know on Mondays to do carpool, work for 5 hours, do yoga, and check Edline (a school website) for the kids' homework. 

So maybe I don't include the repeating planner entries that are routine to cut down on clutter on my monthlies:

9:10 am Doctor's Appointment
10 - 3 pm Work

But this almost always causes me to double-book something, because even though I KNOW that I have carpool daily and yoga at 8 a.m. on Mondays, when I call the doctor on a Friday to schedule Monday's appointment, I'm not thinking about yoga.


Instead, I need this:

6:45 am Carpool
8 am Yoga

9:10 am Doctor
10 - 3 pm Work
3 - 4 pm Blog/Paperwork
4 pm Boys Arrive Home

That way, when I friend calls to walk this afternoon, I know to cancel yoga, move work up to 8 am, and add in cleaning the house from 3 - 4 pm. I have the information that I need at hand to make the decision.

As you can imagine, 6 events in a day really clutters up my calendar.


So, instead, I did this:

Basically, I cut a memo sheet to a skinny size, hole-punched list and added the routine daily appointments. I placed the routine schedule in the middle of the current month, so that when I need to schedule, both the day's events and repeating entries are right in my sight.

Of course, if a day gets complicated, I make a daily plan with a detailed schedule.

Finally, I note deviations from the routine schedule on my monthlies. So when the kids are off for Thanksgiving, I write that there is no school/carpool.


1. Make a skinny page with your routine schedule. (Skinny page is necessary to not block your monthlies.)

2. Write any deviations from the routine on the monthlies.

3. Check both when you schedule anything.



lyn said...

I think it makes sense to have a repeated series of tasks on a separate sheet. I'm changing my weekly cleaning routine system slightly. I got a free printable from Clean Mama and am using that as a tracker week-to-week until the end of the month. Instead of stamping / writing it down onto the daily pages. I've just started yesterday so let's see how it works out.

Anna said...

I also have the problem of not really forgetting things I need to do, but double booking myself because I wasn't really thinking about the time frame. With homeschool and work/volunteer related meetings, I've started blocking out those times in my calendar. Then I remember how much time it really takes. :)