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Monday, March 31, 2014

Weather In My Planner

I try to focus on the details that make a planner work better for my Loyal Readers. Here's a detail that might work for some of you:

You don't see it? Look again, right next to "Thursday, 3."

It's the weather forecast for Thursday. 83 degrees as the high and 67 degrees as the low, plus rain. I also have a repeating task (noted by the circle) to look up the weather for the rest of the week. (I don't like to look more than five days ahead, as the forecast can change in five days.)

It's a simple little task, but by checking the weather in advance, I can glance at my planner at night and pick out tomorrow's outfit without much trouble. On Thursday, I'll throw in an umbrella and raincoat, especially as I'll probably have outside duty at the school where I substitute teach. But I don't have to carry my raincoat every day, saving me lots of space in my tote bag.

Take a minute to look up the weather and put it in your planner. It's a little thing that makes life easier.



Unknown said...

Very good idea. I don't have to put the weather in my planner. It's on my phone main front page said...

I never thought about putting it on in advance so I'd know how to plan. I just always put it on at the end of the day so I have a record. Interesting idea.