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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tiny Changes Challenge Day 3: Daily Routine on Weekly Planner Pages

To learn new routines, I generally write them down for about a month. By then, I remember them pretty well. If there is a reason why I won't remember (say, when I was sleep-deprived with an infant and had to pack a diaper bag), I'll keep using the checklist, but for true daily stuff with no special circumstances, I just write down the checklist until I memorize it.

But I am struggling with my daily routine of packing up the kids for the next day. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble. After school, they do homework, I supervise chores, and I set out a snack, a water bottle, and clothes for the next day. It's nothing fancy, so I keep telling myself that I will remember to do this stuff daily.

I am a liar. I am not going to do all five steps. I will forget something. I wouldn't have, at 22, but at 39...

I needed to see the routine every day, but I didn't want to copy it week-to-week.

So I dedicated the very bottom of my page marker to the daily routine.

A little bitty change from a sticky note on the page, but it works much better!



Anonymous said...

Yes!! I understand right there what you are saying!! I am 37 (37... 39... It is all the same.) and I am making a list of my daily routine too. I think I wouldn't need one if I could sleep like a human and have some time to just do nothing every day. But in real world, if it is not written down it doesn't exist!! Never did.

Anonymous said...
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Erin said...

Totally agree. I have to write down everything! routines, to buy, to do, the only thing I don't need a reminder for is potty breaks. lol

Anonymous said...

Tiny Changes Challenge Day 3:
I use a weekly chart. And I was using for tasks that can be done any day of the week... But I was selecting a specific day for each task. When the day went by and I didn't do the task I was feeling overwhelmed. So now, in my weekly chart I will point out the days for the task that HAVE TO be done that specific day. The others tasks will be done when I have the time and preferably in the current week. Wish me luck!