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Sunday, March 9, 2014

How To Get Ready For Tomorrow

Sometimes I experience organization fail because I am simply too overwhelmed to decide what to do next. Most commonly, this happens at night, during prep for the next day, when the siren call of the couch is just irresistible.

I try to overcome this roadblock in a several ways.

First, I get ready for tomorrow earlier in the day. There is no rule that you have to wait for night time to pack a tote bag, put out clothing, or start lunches. In fact, I leave the tote bag hanging from my desk and add to it as I think of things that I want to take or as I finish with something.

I am substitute teaching tomorrow for part of the day, so I'll take my folder with the teacher's schedule in it. I am reading a paperback, but am also reading a book on my Nook, so I can pack the paperback and just read my Nook at bedtime. As I put away laundry, I'll put out clothes for the kids and me to wear in the morning. I'm cooking chili for supper, so leftovers will be packed for lunch. They will go in the fridge, but I'll put my fork on my bag to remind me to grab lunch in the morning.

Second, I focus on how much benefit derives from preparing for tomorrow today. A simple glance at my planner reminds me that if I don't plan, tomorrow will be overwhelming (particularly as my tomorrow is busy enough to merit a day-on-a-page plan). Mentally reminding myself that planning for tomorrow is a way to take care of me is an important motivator. Over time, planning for tomorrow becomes a habit and the benefits give me positive reinforcement.

Third, I try to schedule something pleasant for the end of the day. Nobody wants to end the day loading up their briefcase. Sundays are particularly hard for me for some reason. I NEED social interaction or something fun at the end of the day. For awhile, that something was Sherlock or Downton Abbey. I am searching for that something this week. As soon as my husband's overtime season is over, I hope to do something with my family on Sundays.

Good luck with time change Monday. Spring forward. Hope this helps Monday suck a little less.



Anna said...

I always try to get ready for the morning the day before. When I get lazy (or too tired), I always regret it the next morning. :)

Erin said...

I love this idea. I have such a hard time thinking about the next day once my kids are in bed and I can chill out a little bit. I know I need to plan but just don't want to even think about it! lol

Also like the bag to add things to throughout the day! said...

I don't do well at all if I don't plan the day ahead. I have started planning right after dinner instead of when I'm relaxing on the couch. That's working much better - I'm not as tired and can think and plan more realistically.