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Friday, October 11, 2013

Through My Planner's Eyes: The Daily Planner Review

I've been all alone, sitting in this dark, mostly empty purse since late last night.

That's right. Giftie hasn't so much as touched me since 9 p.m., when she last checked my monthly calendar to see if I had anything scheduled for her to do tomorrow.

Right after sunrise, she did morning routine, carpool, made coffee, cleaned the counter, and did the dishes without even giving me the briefest glance. How can she function without me?

Finally, though, she sat in front of her laptop, coffee in hand, and snapped me open. Oh how I've missed her sweet caress. Her usual daily routine is pretty predictable:

1. Cross out and reschedule anything from yesterday.
2. Check on and schedule anything that must be done today or in the near future.
3. Check the Dashboard and the front pocket for anything that needs to be processed.
4. Check on the status of all Projects.

She surprised me this morning by deviating from her standard protocol. She unexpectedly opened to the Future Planning page, of all places, to check on a future date so that she could tell one of her planner friends from Philofaxy that the latest thing scheduled in her planning is renewing her driver's license in 2016. 

Oh, sweetness. Giftie just took the time to do her daily planner routine, starting by crossing out things that she completed yesterday in my weekly pages.

Then she spent some quality time communicating with me, rescheduling tasks that she had not completed in the weekly pages, planning supper, and taking pictures for her favorite Facebook groups.

Giftie even took the time to make sure that her Dashboard was empty of any doodles. She thoughtfully checked her Projects list to make sure nothing critical was being missed. You can tell how much she cares for me, since she does this routine almost every morning. She says it makes her day run smoothly. Of course, she is so efficient that the whole thing only took about five minutes, leaving me yearning for more.

I'll stick around to help her out during the day, hopeful that she will give me lots of attention. She will use me to schedule any appointments, write her blog, outline her Nanowrimo novel ideas, check on her Ebay sales, and track her medical needs. She will keep me in my home (next to her laptop or in her cozy purse) so that I won't go missing. If she has some time for housework, she'll consult me to decide what is priority or will add things that bother her, but that she cannot get accomplished today. She will show me appreciation by using me to my full potential.

My quality time with Giftie, every morning over coffee, is the best part of my day.

Aw, her sweet caress.


Editor's Note: Planners are not people. Do not be fooled. :)


Nicole said...

That was hilarious! I loved it! Especially, copying things she didn't do yesterday - we ALL do that!

Maryanne Moll said...

Hahaha! I love this! And as I type this comment, my own FC with the 1.75 inch rings must be rolling its eyes at me. If ti had eyes.