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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Master Task Lists: Working The Plan

You might have noticed that I am not one of those organization bloggers with a beautiful, perfect planner, a colorful, welcoming desk area, and warmly decorated house. (Also, I don't have one of those idyllic, perfect lives. Alas, maybe someday when I win the lottery. A girl can dream, right?) 

Instead, I am all about the practical. I work my planner so that it can work for me. If something doesn't work, I get rid of it. If something works well, I share it here. 
One thing that works well, but that I find works best if I use it only a little bit, is the master Tasks list.

As you know by now, I write most of my tasks on a monthly task list (if it's due that month), a weekly list (due that week), or one of the days on my weekly pages (if due to be done that day). But a handful of tasks are things that I want to do, but don't need to do at a certain time. If they were really important, I would schedule them during the month or week, but the tasks I am describing are lower priority tasks, but still things I want to remember to do. 

For example, I've been meaning to organize my closet, particularly the shoe area of the closet, for a while now. (The hula hoops hanging out in my clothes' closet are particularly embarrassing.)

Enter the master Tasks list.

Some of the tasks that are on this list include reorganizing the bookmarks on my web browser, cleaning off "hot spots" around the house, and editing my novel. None of them are time sensitive, but they all would make my life better or easier. I do them whenever I feel like it. (Confessional translation: mostly, I don't do them.)

By having a dumping ground for all these things in my planner, I escape the late-night worry sessions that would have me awake and anxious all the time, wondering if I had forgotten something. The Tasks section of my planner captures these errant thoughts.

And when I actually accomplish one of these tasks, it is quite rewarding.

(I got the cute baskets on clearance at Target. Aren't they adorable? )


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