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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Lazies: What To Do When You Want To Do Nothing

I signed up to work at the Book Fair at my kids' school. I've really loved the event in the past. My kids are really excited about reading because of this great event. I enjoy meeting the other parents and helping the kids pick out new books.

But I have The Lazies.

Yep, Mrs. Super Productive just wants to sit under a blanket, sip warm coffee, and wear her jammies.

How To Handle The Lazies:

1. Eat the frog. In other words, do whatever you least want to do, but have to do, first. It sounds counterintuitive, but I promise you will be relieved that the hardest task is done.

For me, today, the frog was applying for jobs. I do that about twice a week and it is soul-sucking. I am very qualified (with a M.Ed. and a J.D.), but there are so few jobs out there that will work with my family's schedule. I have to apply twice a week to ensure that I don't miss any openings for jobs in my field. Today was the day, since I put it off Monday and yesterday.

2. Prepare for your Monthly calendar events. If you've been keeping your monthly pages sacred, you know exactly what you have to do today by glancing at the square with today's date. Note that I cross off each day as it passes, so visually I can move straight to today.

I have to go to Book Fair. (I'll even have fun, once I am there.) So I set my alarm clock to start getting ready at about 10:30, leaving me plenty of time to look cute and eat lunch. 

Bonus Pic - me (with The Loki) at my last school event, in the rain, sans makeup or hairstyle:

3. Reschedule the stuff on your Weekly pages as much as possible. You only need to focus on today's date.

4. Do whatever is left on today's date - the stuff that can't be rescheduled.

5. Revel in the lazy, knowing that everything is complete that NEEDED to be done.

Sure, you didn't do your normal daily review. But every now and then, that's okay. Because you keep everything important in two places (your monthly and weekly calendar), you can relax and know you aren't missing anything.


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Lalaboobaby said...

Taking care of that big frog always makes me feel accomplished. Nice advice.