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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How We Handle Chores

I wrote this on my facebook Order in the Court message board, but thought it was worth sharing.

I'm (surprising) not a huge fan of chore charts. We do chores that are naturally tied to events and everyone has an assignment or two, plus we do family clean-ups all together (so everyone is working). They get tv credits or computer credits for working.

For example, when we get up, every must brush teeth and hair, take meds, get dressed, make bed. (Okay, I have a chart for that one - just a little dry erase board where we list the stuff, since mornings are crazy.) Before bed, we brush teeth, do jammies, meds, say prayer. Before meals, the boys set out the silverware. After meals, their plates go in the sink. When we get out of the car, they pick up trash and toys.

Loki (age 3, if your stepkids try to protest):
-picks up own toys
-puts all shoes that have escaped in closets or under the bench daily, before he can play after nap
-gathers all laundry from all hampers and puts in one room (about twice a week, when asked by mom)
-brings sorted laundry into washer and transfers to dryer when it dings
-puts his own clothes in his dresser each time I fold clothes
-on trash day, gathers all trashcans from around the house and brings them to the kitchen trash can...and returns them after I reline the cans

Ander (age 6):
-picks up own toys
-sorts all socks and underwear and puts them away for everyone
-folds towels
-puts his own clothes in his dresser each time I fold clothes
-unloads the dishwasher completely, except knives, daily
-supervises and assists brother with toy pickup
-brings empty boxes out on trash day
-mops the floor once per week

Family clean-ups happen when needed. Basically, we all work together. I try to give specific instructions, like "Loki, put all the toys away" and "Ander, find all mommy's purses and put them away."


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